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  • HS300 Front

    Main specifications

  • Chain + Wire System
  • Bottom Search Light
  • Weight Display
  • Aluminum Tool Box
  • AML Display & Remote Controller

    HS300 feature

  • - Specialized on urban works
    - Increased Boom stabilization with Hexagonal shape design
    - Enhance chassis frame strength with applying grid sub frame design
    - Increase basket stabilization by applying Independence gear reducer under the basket.

    Working Radius Diagram

    Specification table

    Vehicle on board HYUNDAI 3.5ton LONG
    Features Height 2995
    Width 2135
    Length 7535
    Gross Weight 8170
    Boom Stage 6 Stages
    Shape Hexagon
    Withdrawal Type Cylinder + Chain/Wire Link
    Quality of the material DOMEX 700
    Outrigger Type X TYPE, Automatic Hydraulic
    Withdrawal Width F : 6150 / R : 6275
    Work scope Withdrawal Height m 30 (Boom Only : 28.3m)
    Withdrawal Weight 2 persons or 400㎏
    Turning gear Type Hydraulic Reducer Motor (Mechanical reducer - Double Reducer) Type
    Turning angle 360°
    Boarding Platform Size 3240㎜ × 1100㎜
    Turning Type Hydraulic Motor System
    Turning angle Left and Right 2 Turns
    Controlling device Outrigger Lever Type
    Boom Wireless Remote controller
    Convenience Device Night Search Working Lights, Remote Ignition On/Off Device, Electric Accelerator, Tool Box
    Safety Device AML(Auto Moment Limit) Safety Device, Over Center Valve, Pilot Check Valve, Overload Protective Device, Over winding proof Device