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    • HS3870 Front
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  • HS3870 Front

    Main specifications

  • Easy-to-use PVG valve
  • Retracted maneuvering lever position(for preventing damage)
  • High strength swing bearing
  • Aluminum toolbox
  • Improved controllability with linear encoder

    HS3870 feature

  • - Mounted on a HYUNDAI 5.0 Ton short axis truck
    - Optimal boom design: Octagonal shape boom with 7 level simultaneous expansion
    - High tensile strength chain (for expanding/contracting Levels 1 to 5)
    - Max. Work Load - 400 Kg, Max. Work Area: 360° (Left/Right), Max. No. of Turns (for bucket): 2
    - Improved controllability with installed linear encoder
    - Smooth swing speed control with advanced swing speed reducer
    - Movement control with AML system / Remotely operated ON&OFF system
    - Outtrigger sliding system, improved safety features, and Aluminum toolbox

    Working Radius Diagram

    Specification table

  • ITEM UNIT HS3870
    Vehicle on board HYUNDAI 5ton LONG
    Features Height 3495
    Width 2320
    Length 7680
    Gross Weight 13265
    Boom Stage 7 Stages
    Shape Octagon
    Withdrawal Type Extension at the same time, Chaine and Wire
    Quality of the material High tensile structural steel (ATOS80)
    Outrigger Type X+X TYPE, Device Hydraulic
    Withdrawal Width 7270(Front), 7450(Rear)
    Work scope Withdrawal Height m 38
    Withdrawal Weight 2 persons or 400㎏
    Turning gear Type Hydraulic Reducer + Motor
    Turning angle Left and Right 180°
    Boarding Platform Size 3240 X 1100
    Turning Type Hydraulic Reducer + Motor, Automatic & Manual Level Adjustment
    Turning angle Left and Right 2 rotations
    Controlling device Outrigger Lever Type, Left and Right Type
    Boom Wireless Remote controller
    Convenience Device Night Search Light, Remote Starting On/Off, Electronic Type Axel, Automatic Oil Cooler, Toolbox
    Safety Device Rollover Caution Safety, Over Center Valve, Pilot Check Valve, AML Safety
    Options Cabin, AL CabinBoarding Platform