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  • HS2750S Front

    Main specifications

  • Swing speed reducer for high workload
  • Aluminum flooring
  • Convenient PVG valve control board
  • Oil cooler with high efficiency
  • Wind gauge (Optional)

    HS2750S feature

  • Introducing steady Seller and legendary aerial working platform of HANSIN Special Equipment.

    - Mounted on a HYUNDAI 3.5 Ton short axis truck
    - Optimal boom design: Octagonal shape boom with 5 level expansion
    - Reduced risk of overturning by maximizing the safety of the bottom and outrigger design
    - Max. Work Load - 300 Kg, Max. Work Area: 350° (Left/Right) and 360° rotation (for bucket)
    - Smooth swing speed control with advanced swing speed reducer
    - Safer and more delicate control with AML control system

    Working Radius Diagram

    Specification table

    Vehicle on board HYUNDAI 3.5ton LONG
    Features Height 3135
    Width 2160
    Length 7395
    Gross Weight 8175
    Boom Stage 5 Stages
    Shape Hexagon
    Withdrawal Type Extension at the same time
    Quality of the material High tensile structural steel (ATOS80)
    Outrigger Type X+H TYPE, Automatic Hydraulic Sytem
    Withdrawal Width F : 5970 / R : 6130
    Work scope Withdrawal Height m 27
    Withdrawal Weight 2 persons or 300㎏
    Turning gear Type Hydraulic Reducer + Motor
    Turning angle Left and Right 350°
    Boarding Platform Size 3000㎜ × 1000㎜
    Turning Type Hydraulic Reducer + Motor
    Turning angle Left and Right 2 infinite rotation
    Controlling device Outrigger Lever Type
    Boom Wireless Remote controller
    Convenience Device Night Search Light, Remote Starting On/Off, Electronic Type Axel, Automatic Oil Cooler, Toolbox
    Safety Device Rollover Caution Safety, Over Center Valve, Pilot Check Valve, AML Safety
    Options Air Reel, Cabin